Jasper Lettsome II
Founder and IT Business Analyst
Where do I begin? 


Let's see, I am an IT Business Analyst freelancer based in Maitland, FL. I've been involved in the aspect of computer technology for more than a decade ranging beginner's tech support all the way to project management.


I've designed Shopify websites, developed small business apps, copywriting, technical writing, mock-ups, logos, wire frames for industries in education, fitness, food & beverage, education and music and provided audio transcription services just to name a few.

My Focus & Work Ethic

Behind every design, project managed, information researched a business problem always boils down to one thing, and that is...it needs a solution. I work with my clients very closely to help identify their problems and produce strategies to correctly operate their business. 

I'm dedicated to working hard and diligently for the sake of my clients. Business problems for my clients are often difficult to resolve so I do in my best nature to strategize and deliver results on time and on budget. 

In the end, my mission is to continuously help individuals and small businesses attain their business dream and help them grow and thrive in the digital age.

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