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Your Strategic Partner

I have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations, and offer a variety of services customized to fit your specific needs. Learn more about the improvements I can help you achieve, and contact me today.

Workers at Their Computers

Technical Skills Training

You don't know where to start learning a new software skill. You've tried to figure it out on your own but it's just not working. We are here to help you learn. We can teach you how to use the software and teach you how to be successful with it. We have a range of software courses that can help you learn a new software skill with the help of a professional.

Graphic Designer

Small Business Web Design

You don’t have time to learn HTML and design your website from scratch. You want a website that gets you noticed by potential clients. We know how difficult it is to manage your online presence, so we offer a complete website design service. We can help you get your website up and running in no time.

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Microsoft Office Services

You don't know where to start Microsoft Office, you have no idea how to use all these complicated features, you have no idea how to find the time to learn all this. Office tasks are getting more and more complex and you're beginning to feel overwhelmed. With our services you'll be able to easily prepare documents, create presentations, and so much more.

Image by Daniel Korpai

Small Business App Design

You don’t have the time to build a custom app. You don’t know where to start. INED Enterprises is here to help. We can build a custom app for you that will be just what you need simple and efficient. Our apps are easy to use and our expert developers are always available.

Desk Computer Screens

Ecommerce Store Development

It’s tough to find time to get all the things done. There’s always another deadline coming, always some urgent problem to fix. But you don’t have the time or the skills to build your own ecommerce store. Let us take care of that for you.


Chatbot Development

Chatbots are hard to build. You know that. You’re not a developer. You don’t have the time or the money to outsource the development. Let us take care of this for you and build one for you

Software Programmer

Software Application Design

You're a business owner, not a software engineer. You don't have the time to figure out how to get a software to help you manage your clients. You need a software that can work for you, not for the software engineers who designed it. We offer a range of software solutions that are designed to work for your business. You get the software you need and we’ll help you get it up and running.

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Social Media Content Packages

You're starting a business, but you don't know what to post. You can't afford to hire a social media marketing team. We provide content for social media marketing at a very affordable price.

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Additional Services

Our additional services are designed to help you with your business.

Please reach out to me if you any questions PRIOR to ordering

Online Business Builder Package v2.png

Online Business Builder Package

 Starting a business is tough. You have to plan ahead, build a team and so much more. When you are just starting out, the list of things to do can seem endless. Our company offers this package to help you get started on the right foot.

YT Channel Ideas (1).png

100+ YouTube Channel Ideas

You're going to need some channel niche ideas before you start uploading. Here are over 100 ideas

Facebook Ad Copy.png

Facebook Ad Copy

I will write compelling and effective ad copy for Facebook Ads for your business

Customer Service

50+ Business Name Suggestions

Picking the right name when starting a business is a crucial step in your entrepreneurial journey. What you call your business can make or break it. I will provide 50+ business names broken down by your niche

Google Ad Copy Creation.png

Google Ad Copy

I will write compelling and effective ad copy for Google Ads for your business. 

50+ Blog Ideas.png

50+ Blog Ideas

I will generate more than 50 content ideas for your business

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